KZenEdge is looking for a Document Management Practitioner. In this role, the successful candidate will be supporting the administration of drawing upload/downloads to a drawing management database and the transmittal and receivables of drawings for multiple projects and external vendors.


        • Oversee the creation, distribution, and archiving of project documentation, including technical specifications, contracts, drawings, reports, correspondence, and other project related documents. This includes control of the numbering, sorting, filing, storing, and retrieval of electronic documents produced by technical teams.
        • Accurately and efficiently manage document transmittals to and from internal and external parties while controlling the storage of all project files and data.
        • Maintain an accurate and up to date version control system for all project documents, ensuring that the latest revisions are accessible to relevant stakeholders while older versions are securely archived.
        • Perform regular quality checks on documents to ensure accuracy, completeness, and adherence to established standards and guidelines.
        • Respond to requests for specific project documents promptly, efficiently retrieving, and providing the required information.
        • Generate regular reports on documents status, including progress updates, document review cycles, and distribution logs, for project managers, and other relevant parties.


        • Strong understanding of document control procedures, standards, and best practices.
        • Ability to prioritize tasks, manage time efficiently, and meet deadlines.
        • Effective communication and interpersonal abilities to work with cross-functional teams.
        • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
        • Proficient in MS Office Suite or related software.
        • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
        • Discretion in handling sensitive and confidential information.
        • Excellent analytical and technical skills.
        • Creative critical thinking skills.
        • Able to learn and adapt to new document control systems and technologies.



Terms and Conditions

To find out more information or to apply for this position please send in your resume and cover letter to: [email protected] or apply below. KZenEdge will conduct internal interviews with selected candidates.


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