Our Methodology

KZenEdge has defined, created and continues to utilize a methodology that we’ve proven. It’s been built through many years of experience managing projects of all types, size and complexity. Client satisfaction aligned to delivery on objectives is our performance indicator. Within the KZenEdge methodology we provide project management resources in direct proportion to the amount of risk associated with the project.

This scaling factor allows project management costs to be kept to a minimum while increasing the earned value.

Our methodology is based on the value of finding the strategic alignment of every business initiative. Through this effort, we assist clients in moving from a reactive operating procedure to a proactive, governed decision model.

Our Framework

Program management affords the project execution process with the opportunity to capture and transfer best practices and lessons learned across multiple projects. The objective is to improve project execution certainty, reduce risk, and improve overall resource productivity through deployment of best practices and continuous improvement.

Our program managers are part of a senior business consulting team that provide an extra perspective to ensure projects deliver exceptional value to the client. Rather than being another administrative or organizational layer, this role in the KZenEdge methodology is about providing the following elements to ensure successful projects:

Business Consulting

  • Ensure business and objective alignment
  • Ensure the project is defined and initiated effectively

Provide mentoring and escalation for the project
Assist with specific risk elements (vendors, contracts, resources, strategic plans, etc)
Provide QA for the project
Provide backup for the project manager
Close the project efficiently

The images below illustrate how KZenEdge applies its proven methodology to structuring, initiating, supporting and sustaining client initiatives:


Throughout our 10 years of exciting growth and evolution, KZenEdge has fostered a culture of integrity that balances client, corporate and staff objectives. Operations started in October 2010 with a small dedicated team of project management professionals who had an ideal for an alternate model of program and project execution. This ideal quickly evolved into an adaptive methodology for successful client delivery. Sustaining our reputation into the future with succession planning and continuous learning will ensure progress towards executing your vision.

KZenEdge would like to thank all past and current clients, staff, friends and family for a great 10 years! We look forward to a future of successful relationships and continued growth.