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Senior Technical Analyst

Estimated Start Date: February 1, 2021

Estimated End Date: March 31, 2023

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Submission Close Date: January 26, 2021

Reference Number

Frequently KZenEdge has a requirement for Business Analysts to support our client projects.  The clients include government, energy upstream and midstream companies and occasionally other service providers. The projects vary from IT applications for upgrades and integrations, organizational changes including mergers and divestitures, training, documentation and information management, and regulatory compliance.

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KZenEdge has occasional opportunities for developers with high initiative to work for our Government and Energy clients. If you have strong technical and analytical abilities and want to work with an organization that practices great values, please start the conversation. We’re very interested in getting to know you and finding a great opportunity where you can contribute

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This is a standing offer to identify great people for this vital role within our organization. We have a career path that goes from Project Administrator, Project Coordinator, Project Manager to ultimately Program Manager.We have a comprehensive training support program and select people for their aptitude and attitude.The successful Project Coordinator will be supporting one or multiple project managers in the delivery of projects.

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This is a standing offer to identify and engage outsanding people to be an integral part of our project delivery teams.We integrate our project managers into our adaptive methodology with a team of professionals all focussed on delivery for the client. As a project manager you will be expected to lead the project to complete the objectives as per the approved project baseline.

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KZenEdge is always looking for motivated individuals who are interested in contributing to the growth and success of our business. Our name is very representative of the corporate culture. Providing long term value to clients and staff is our core goal. If you are looking for a challenge, are committed to excellence, and seek an opportunity to be part of an exciting and rapidly growing organization, we would like to hear from you.

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KZenEdge is always looking for motivated individuals who are interested in contributing to the growth and success of our business